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My clients can tell you why you have to choose English Today now:

R.T., trade representative at Skoda

“Working for an international car company like Skoda requires the use of a perfect English under stress sometimes.  Now I can proudly say that my work became less stressful thanks to the good communication skills which Kalina improved in me.”

N.A., Business Planner at Nike

“I’ve improved significantly my Business English level with Kalina, as well as my self-confidence when presenting or expressing my opinion in front of a broad audience at work and while having informal conversations.

Kalina is very patient and her teaching method is very dynamic and personalized. I’ve enjoyed every single lesson as she always brings topics that motivate me and she structures every class on a smart and well-thought way so I don’t lose my attention.

I would definitely recommend Kalina if you want to learn in a fast, easy and funny way.”

G.G., Sales Manager at Capital Tobacco LTD

“I work for a tobacco company with factories in three different countries in Europe and Africa. There was a hesitation on my sentences every time I had to contact my clients from abroad. Kalina improved my business communication in less than 20 hours thanks to the perfectly planned sessions from her side.”

N.V., Takeda

‘’Four months ago,  I started my lessons with Kalina.  During the first class,  Kalina defined my needs very accurately and tested my level in a fun way.  The next sessions Kalina worked on a structured base to improve my tenses and other practical topics.

Time flew and before I knew we started my last session.  During the sessions a started to know Kalina as a very smart,  positive and motivated teacher.  I will never forget the very interesting conversations about actual topics.  And the jokes, of course… . 

So Kalina,  thank you very much.’’

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